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How Seniors Can Take Charge of Their Health and Safety

Senior women taking charge of her health and safety.

Safety is a critical priority for seniors, whether they are in a hospital, an assisted living facility, or at home. This involves identifying potential risks and actively working to minimize them. It’s essential to understand that this responsibility does not lie solely with the patients; instead, it requires a collective effort from all individuals involved in their care.

Here are several methods by which seniors can take a more active role:

Voice your health concerns. You are the most familiar with your own body, your past experiences, and your medical history. Although you might not recall every detail precisely, advocating for yourself is an important first step.

Since it concerns your health, you should participate fully in conversations with your healthcare providers. Note down any questions you have to ensure you don't forget to ask them. If your questions remain unanswered, be sure to follow up. Confirm that the information you receive and record is accurate.

Inform your healthcare providers about any changes in your health or new symptoms you notice. Even if these changes seem minor to you, they could be significant to your doctor and help them respond more swiftly and effectively to your needs.

Maintain a current list of your medications that details the name of each drug, the dosage, the timing of your doses, the purpose for which it was prescribed, and the prescribing healthcare provider.

Abbey Road Family Care offers customized home care plans tailored to your specific needs, with the flexibility to adapt as your care requirements change. Take charge of your safety and well-being. We are pleased to offer complimentary consultations and provide information either in the convenience of your home or over the phone. Call us today at (203) 571-8182.

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